A GMTK Game Jam 2020 Submission

Play as everyone's least favorite politician in this game about balancing political opinion, public health, and the stock market, which are all wildly out of your control.

Code, Design, and Writing by Eliza Grafton, Art by Seamus Ly


CrankyCapitalist_PC.zip 43 MB


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I couldn't load the browser version. I got the following error:

Odd. I could see that coming up in the middle of play for a few reasons but straight off the gate is strange. What browser were you using? It seems to work fine more often than not on chrome

Sorry, I'm not 100% sure which browser I was using.
Probably Chrome. Possibly FireFox.

Is it right to say that something is both absurdist and allegorical?  Its very amusing and definitely makes me feel panicked & out of control. I liked how it pressured me to think as fast as I could.

The idea seems to be fun but the texts are just too fast. I didn't manage to read the texts and options before they changed. So it was hard to influence anything. Maybe bit too much out of control.